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Our family of farmers since time, we have always been surrounded by sheep, historically cheese was made for family consumption but in 2010 it is decided to start making and LAURUS is born.


We take great care both in obtaining raw materials and in the preparation and preservation of our LAVRVS products in a completely traditional way, thus providing a unique flavor and texture.

Cattle raising

The livestock is composed of 1,300 mothers who produce enough milk to make the cheeses and derivatives that are made in cheese making. All our flock is included in the assaf breed book and each animal has its identification card.


Quality and tradition are linked to technology and continuous R & D that result in a wide variety of our cheeses, whether cured or cream. Thus reaching the most demanding public.


Because tradition and quality is not incompatible with the highest technology in terms of innovation in the dairy industry. Obtaining thus a constant increase of our exquisite variety.


We offer you a unique view, we like what we do and we want to show you how we do it. For us it is a pleasure that you come and can see in person how we elaborate our products, from the management of our livestock, to the elaborated and tradition of our cheeses.

Our Events

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Our Suggestions

These are some of the LAVRVS cheeses most acclaimed by our customers. Which one is yours?

Cattle raising







Love for our cheeses

Each of our products is the result of hours of work and quality both in time and in their raw materials

The perfect present

Because giving away tradition and quality is the best present with which to give to those who matter most to you


We can boast national awards in different categories.

An incredible flavor

During our visit to Zamora, we were able to visit the factory and taste the LAVRVS cheeses. We repeat!

Fernando Pérez

A great gift

We are regular customers of Laurus and whenever it arises, we choose the gift pack to take to our friends, as a gift. We hope to see you soon


Must see in Zamora

We have placed an order for this Christmas without knowing the brand too well and we can not be happier. We have tried the cream pack and the cellar cheese. I can say that it is one of the best cured cheeses that I have been able to taste. I will repeat

Julia y Marco