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Cheese Matching

The pairing consists of properly combining the aromas, flavors and textures of drinks and food. The cultures of the Mediterranean arch, have managed to combine the elements of the trilogy: (Vine, Cereals and Olive Oil), with cheeses, fruits, vegetables, fish, giving rise to one of the healthiest gastronomic cultures in the world, the well-known «Mediterranean diet».


The marriage works fundamentally by contrast and complementation.

Pairing by contrast: the flavors of the drinks or food and the cheeses to be paired are similar, and what is sought is to intensify the flavor of both.

Pairing by complementation, seeks to combine flavors of different intensity. It is important to take good care of the contrast, since a very strong cheese can completely eclipse the food or drink, or the latter can cover a very delicate cheese. A good contrast allows you to highlight one or the other product, or you can face them, if both have a lot of character

The aim of all pairing is to ensure that food and drinks are combined well with cheeses, that a balance of flavors and harmony between them is achieved. This combination is not easy to generalize, since the possibilities are very extensive and there are many different palates. The best thing is to play «right or wrong» to find the pairing that best suits your palate; here are our suggestions.

Pairing with wines: (essential element in the Mediterranean Diet)
It is necessary to keep in mind that:

White wines, in general, harmonize better with cheese than red wines.
The rosés intone very well with soft cheese or fresh cheese.
Strong wines with character fit well with smoked and aromatic cheeses.
Sparkling wines, Cava, Champagne, are better suited to moldy and soft-pressed cheese.
Sweet wines harmonize with a few cheeses, although the combination of blue cheeses with Porto, or with some late harvest white or Sauternes type is currently fashionable.
Possible combinations: Soft crust cheeses (Brie, Camembert) with Cabernet, Syrah, Malbec or a late harvest wine with unctuous sweetness.

Pairing with Bread: (essential element in the Mediterranean Diet)
Exquisite combinations, bread is also very important when tasting a natural cheese.
There are many varieties, which are chosen depending on the type of cheese.
The white or rustic breads combine beautifully with the set of cheeses, although, if we want to give a touch of originality, we can incorporate cereals or whole grain breads, as well as special breads for canapés or toasted breads.

The best known breads to use are:

  • French bread, Baguette.
  • Wholemeal bread
  • White bread of bows.
  • Bread with spices (nuts, oregano, onion, raisins)
  • Wood bread (type Alfacar.Granada)
  • Dehydrated breads (piquitos, regañás)
    We must think that the accompaniment of our cheese can be vital for a correct tasting. And it is that a good wine or a specific bread will make us taste this product in its maximum splendor.

Now we just have to choose the moment!

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